Prison Ministry

Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated, since you also are in the body.
Hebrews 13:3

Kairos Prison Ministry

Kairos Prison Ministry International (KPMI) is a ministry of the church … a ministry of the apostles whom Jesus Christ has called into community and sent forth into the environment of correctional institutions. Kairos Prison Ministry shares the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ to incarcerated men, women, youth and their families. Kairos sprang grew from the Cursillo movement and is supported by volunteers from the 4th Day movements such as Cursillo, National Episcopal Cursillo, Presbyterian Cursillo, Lutheran Via de Cristo, The Upper Room’s Walk To Emmaus, and independently ecumenical Tres Dias as well as volunteers from independent and nondenominational churches. As a ministry, Kairos embraces a diverse group of volunteers working together to fulfill Christ’s call to action in Matthew 25:36.  KPMI has been called the best example of the early church in existence today. Kairos incorporates curriculum designed to build and encourage pro‐social character and behavior. Society spends over $60 billion/yr. to keep 2.3 million inmates incarcerated. The Kairos program, 100% funded by private donations, is offered at no cost to State and Federal Institutions. It’s best illustrated by an inmate’s witness, “It’s been said that it cost the government $1 million to keep me locked up and a $250 program from Kairos set me free”.  You can support this ministry by buying meal tickets, donations, and prayers.  See Barry Lynn or John Gibbs.  Donations may be sent to Kairos (Luther in memo), 3515-B Longmire Dr #233, College Station TX 77845.

How can you help?

  • Volunteer to be on the inside team or the outside team. Training is extensive and you will be prepared for the weekend.
  • Pray. Prayer chain links will be available for each Kairos event. These links are put together into a chain that will surround the incarcerated participants.
  • Placemats and posters. We will be asking our youth programs to help prepare posters for encouragement and placemats for meals for each participant.
  • Support through donations.
    • Direct donations to Kairos of Texas-Luther Unit.(Kairos Luther Unit 3515-B Longmire Dr. #233, College Station, TX 77845)
    • Buy “meal tickets,” $5 per meal or $30 for weekend.
  • Attend closing ceremony, Application required.  (Download Application).

If you would like an in-depth explanation of Kairos, please contact John Gibbs, 512.751.3923 or