Our Mission & Vision


Inviting and forming followers of Jesus Christ who:

    • Know Christ,
    • Grow in Faith, and
    • Show God’s Love to all people.


Become a family of highly committed disciples who experience God’s grace, grow in faith, live out God’s Word in relationship, and transform our community and the world by serving people and inviting them to be faithful to Christ through the church.

Pathway to Discipleship

A committed follower of Jesus Christ at Lexington United Methodist Church will:

    1. Pray daily for self, others, the church, and the world;
    2. Worship God through active participation in weekly worship services;
    3. Grow in faith through regular participation in Bible Study/Small Groups;
    4. Give generously of their time, talent, and treasure to build up Christ’s body;
    5. Serve the community and the world through hands-on mission; and
    6. Invite others to experience God’s love in relationship through the church.